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Escrow & Transfer Process:

You can also see the overview of the Escrow Process at Escrow.com. They are the preferred service for Domain Name transfers worldwide. We've been using them for 20+ years.

Here is a quick general look at the steps on both sides of the process:

a) You let us know if you have chosen to 1) Purchase the domain(s) directly, (or) 2) Lease To Own by funding the transaction in 3 sections over a 90 day period, according to the Escrow.com terms. We do not add any finance charges if you decide to spread it over 90 days, but there is a fee at Escrow.com. A bit more paperwork to sign from Escrow.com if you choose that option, but they control the whole process. Please refer to the "Domain Name Holding Escrow" section at Escrow.com linked on our Terms Of Agreement page. Their page explains the fee involved using the 90 day option. We offer this window as a courtesy, but it is limited to 90 days, 3 funding transactions, as specified on our Terms Of Agreement page.

b) We will initiate the Transaction at Escrow.com using the email address that you provided us through our interface link, and we'll set the Escrow.com transaction up for you based on your choice of how you're funding it.

c) Escrow.com tosses it back and forth a couple of times, each time sending both of us an email of the status and if either of us are currently required to provide them any information. You can also log into your account and see the status at any time.

d) Once they have notified us that you have funded the account, they will instruct us to transfer the domain into your account where you can confirm ownership and control. Escrow.com provides us with your "Whois" information if you have not, and we will enter that in the Contact Information section in your new account at Name.com before we transfer.

e) We will send you the login information for your new Name.com account so you can log in and change your password.

f) We will "push" your domain name(s) to your Name.com account.

g) The "Inspection Period" for domains is typically 1 day, since domains are not something that could be scratched or damaged in transit.

h) You confirm that you have received the domain(s) into your Name.com account by clicking the confirmation button in your interface at Escrow.com.

i) Escrow.com closes the transaction, sends out final emails confirming that the transaction is complete, and notifies you of your next step if you are Leasing To Own.
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