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Terms Of Agreement:

The intention of our Terms Of Agreement with you or your company is purposely designed to be straight forward, something you can actually understand,
and something you can read in just a few minutes.

We have used this same process for more than 20 years, and find it to be what our customers prefer.

a) We are the legal Registrants of any domains that we offer to you. We do not represent nor broker for any third parties. Sample content is not specifically included. Sale is for the domain name(s) only.

b) We use Escrow.com exclusively for all funding transactions. You are responsible for reading the necessary policies and terms that are provided for you on the Escrow.com website. To assist you, we will suggest the most important ones that apply to this type of transaction, but you must determine if there is any other information you want to know and pursue that yourself. Escrow.com has an excellent support staff, and are easy to contact if you want to speak directly with them. The phone # is on their home page. https://www.escrow.com/

c) We will initiate the Escrow.com transaction for you as a courtesy, once the domain(s) and terms of the agreement have been decided. Please do not initiate this yourself.

d) We use Name.com for all domain registration transfers. Name.com is one of the leading Registrars in America. All domain transfers from us to you, will be done using a process commonly known as a "push". This is an Internal Transfer into the new account that we set up for you at Name.com. We do this as a courtesy to you, but should you prefer to set up your own account, you are welcome to do so. We will only populate your new account with basic information (Whois) provided to us by Escrow.com or yourself. You will then need to add your financial payment information yourself if necessary for any future services, once you are logged into your account and have changed your password. Should you choose to move your domain away from Name.com to another Registrar, you are free to do so. Any timeframe limitations would be solely the policy of those third party Registrars or ICANN. Many people like to have their domain name the same place as their hosting, although it is not necessary to do that.

e) All fees are the responsibility of the buyer. Please see the Fee Calculator link here: https://www.escrow.com/fee-calculator Any additional fees for the 90 day Lease To Own option are also the responsibility of the buyer. When applicable, please consider any credit card or Paypal processing fees. We offer 90 day Lease To Own if your choice is not to purchase in full immediately. In this case, the cost will be divided into 3 "equal" payments collected by Escrow.com. All Escrow.com payment policies apply. We do -not- recommend the Concierge Service as we feel this is not necessary for a simple domain transfer where we're setting up everything for you, rather than paying Escrow.com to do so.
https://www.escrow.com/domain-name-holding is the link where you can learn about the 90 Day Option they call "Domain Holding".
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